April is the Perfect Time to Inspect Your Home for Efficiency

Posted by Sharon Johnson on April 05, 2012  /   Posted in do it yourself, energy, home inspection, home maintenance, Renovations and Remodels

Finally, it’s spring. ?Now is the time to tweak some of your home’s energy efficiency and overall operability. Inside Install a programmable thermostat Energy is wasted when you push up the temperature when the room feels cold or turn down the heat manually when it’s too warm. You can save about $180 a year with

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5 Key Things to Know About Foreclosed Home Inspections

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 08, 2012  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Are you – or your clients- ?thinking about buying a foreclosed home in Louisville ? If you are, you aren’t alone. Generally speaking, most home inspectors in Louisville in the past several years have seen an increase in the number of foreclosed homes being inspected. Although there are a lot of things to consider when

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Ten Easy Ways to Reduce Your Energy Use

Posted by Sharon Johnson on February 24, 2012  /   Posted in energy

The weather is finally getting colder and snow is starting to pile up. Turning up the thermostat doesn’t mean you have to tighten your belt, though. Here are ten easy tips to reduce your energy use at home. Taking advantage of these tips can save you money and help the environment, too! At Metro Construction,

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