Home Inspector Shares Video for Gas and Propane Shut-Off Valve

Posted by Sharon Johnson on September 11, 2011  /   Posted in energy, home inspection

Many times a prospective home buyer will have the opportunity to attend the home inspection when HomeMD Inspection Services is on-site performing the inspection. ?This home inspection tour provides the home buyer with a roadmap for the new property and can help identify some key components of the property. Sometimes, however, the home buyer can

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What Should I Learn from My Home Inspection

Posted by Sharon Johnson on July 25, 2011  /   Posted in home inspection

Many times throughout the day we receive phone calls from prospective clients asking us questions about a home inspection. Often, the questions involve the costs associated with the inspection, but as a special tool for consideration, we have found the following questions helpful in directing the client regardless of who they ultimately choose to do

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Don’t sing the home inspection blues

Posted by Sharon Johnson on July 12, 2011  /   Posted in home inspection

Heard of the home inspection blues??After viewing dozens of homes over many weeks, you’ve selected the perfect house. The price is negotiated! The contract is signed! Plan the house-warming party! Call the movers! But what’s the?REALTOR? droning on about…home inspection??You shush her while you dream of serving pancakes to smiling children on a sunny morning.

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Warm Weather Radon Testing

Posted by Sharon Johnson on June 23, 2011  /   Posted in home inspection, home repair

This is a great resource for both buyers and sellers about the closed house conditions required for a Radon test. Throughout the warmth of springtime, the sizzpng days of summer, and even the mild days of early Autumn, sticking to radon testing requirements for closed-house conditions can be a challenge. This piece includes a handy

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How to Repair a Flat Lawnmower Tire

Posted by Sharon Johnson on June 02, 2011  /   Posted in do it yourself

DARN!! I hate when that happens. Grass cutting season has just started, and I have already noticed one front tire on the mower looked like the air pressure was low. It was low, in fact it was almost flat. As seen in the picture above, I must have picked up a nail left from an

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Cable or Satellite? That is the question!

Posted by Sharon Johnson on May 31, 2011  /   Posted in Uncategorized

My idea of a perfect night is sitting back after a home-cooked dinner with an ice-cold beer and watching a baseball game in high definition. I turn the AC down low, settle in to our couch in the basement, kick my feet up and forget about the world as I stare into the big screen.

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Home Inspections Discover Fire Hazards

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 17, 2011  /   Posted in home inspection

When doing home inspections, you are always checking for the safety of the property. One of the concerns that we frequently find during home inspections is fire hazards. Home fire cost millions of dollars of damage every year and kill or destroy the lives of many. Here are just a couple of examples of the

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Home Inspection Results to Huge Savings

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 10, 2011  /   Posted in home inspection

At first glance home inspections may be viewed as an “extra” or even “hidden” cost by the home buyer. But that is not the case when you examine the advantages of getting a home inspection. When the deal is all sealed and done you will see that the benefits will far outweigh its cost. Knowing

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