Home Inspector’s 7 Exterior Spring Recommendations

Posted by Sharon Johnson on April 16, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

April Showers Can Bring Leaky Basements and Moldy Walls April showers may bring May flowers, but to a homeowner starting their first spring in a new home, there could be a possibility of leaky basements, moldy walls and costly cleanup in their new neighborhood. When you start your spring cleaning, don’t forget to check the

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Home Energy Savings this Earth Day

Posted by Sharon Johnson on April 09, 2013  /   Posted in energy

Celebrate Earth Day by monitoring your home’s energy use For homeowners, Earth Day 2013 should be about more than simply making sure you’re taking out the recycling. You can really make an impact this April 22 by paying closer attention to your home’s energy consumption. These days, there are several tools and resources at your

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What to do Before and After My Home Inspection

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 28, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

I’ve Found A Good Home Inspector. What Else Should I Know Before the Home Inspection? Although it seems like finding a licensed, certified, insured and professional home inspector might be the hard part of the home inspection process…there are a couple of other tips that you might want to consider before your home inspection. Be

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12 Things to do to Your Home Before the Home Inspector Arrives

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 26, 2013  /   Posted in home inspection, Renovations and Remodels

With the spring home buying season rapidly approaching and the real estate market rebounding, here are a 12 things you can do to ensure that your prospective buyer – and the home inspector – find your listed home ready for a smooth inspection and easier negotiations. Prospective buyers are paying for a certified home inspector

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When to Get a Home Inspection

Posted by Sharon Johnson on March 19, 2013  /   Posted in home inspection

The contract’s 10-day home inspection clause is the safeguard a home buyer needs to ensure peace of mind regarding the integrity of the structure. Though optional, a savvy buyer will jump on this opportunity for a top-to-bottom home inspection prior to closing. ?According to Cindy Phillips, Demand Media contributing writer, the house may appear sound

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What to Look for During a Home Inspection

Posted by Sharon Johnson on January 31, 2013  /   Posted in home inspection

The first step in the home evaluation process is examining the bigger picture. The buyer needs to start by observing the neighborhood the house is located in. Are there other houses of similar construction and age? Have there been considerable modifications to the building? If yes, is the craftsmanship good? Once satisfied with the answers,

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3 Steps to Complete One Week Before You Move

Posted by Sharon Johnson on January 21, 2013  /   Posted in home maintenance

If you’re getting close to moving day your home should look more like a warehouse than a home, boxes spread all around, things packed and prepared for the big day. At this point the place should be impossible to hold parties at and you should only have your bed made and some basic supplies ready

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