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RecallChek Partner Program

HomeMD is an Authorized RecallChek Dealer

RecallChek is the first service for consumer recalls in the United States. RecallChek has compiled over 195 million recalls from the public records, and created a fail-safe system to check for dangerous flaws with home appliances. Click to see a short video about this service.

RecallChek is performed at no charge with every scheduled home inspection

If you would like to conduct your own RecallChek on your homes appliances, simply click the RecallChek button to get started.


How It Works

During your Home Inspection, we will write down the make and model numbers of your built-in appliances, including the refrigerator, stove, water heater and HVAC system. You can also purchase a RecallChek without a home inspection, in which case you would provide the make and model information to us. Your information will be submitted to RecallChek, where the model numbers will be checked against the information in their databases. Click To Do It Yourself

The report is hand-checked for accuracy, to eliminate wrong numbers from work plates and ID cards.

The report is emailed directly to you within 48 hours. In the event of a potential recall, the report will specify the nature of the recall, where the product was sold, how to remedy the defect, and how to get the item repaired or replaced  in most cases, absolutely free.

Sample RecallChek Report

To see a sample of an actual RecallChek report CLICK HERE for a sample

Peace of Mind

You could spend hours going through the online databases of the various public safety departments, or contact each manufacturer directly to find out if your particular appliance has been recalled. But that could take hours. Instead, we do this for you!

For more information please please take a look at these resources for the consumer and for the realtor.