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HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville Services can help Homes Damaged by Mold or Moisture.

Studies show that 35% of homes are damaged by mold or moisture each year. HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville will determine if mold is growing in your building. HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville can perform services in conjunction with a mold inspection. HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville takes pride in their thorough and cost effective services. Our Louisville mold testing inspectors work to evaluate and visually inspect the affected area, test for airborne mold spore levels and confirm or rule out fungal growth; as well as, identify the source of the problem. HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville’s customers can expect a thorough and honest evaluation of potential indoor air quality issues. Find out what you are breathing in with HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville.

HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville Has Over 20 Years Experience You Can Trust

Why Do You Need Mold Testing Louisville Service?

Mold grows any place in your home or business with excess moisture. Mold varieties range from allergen to toxin. These molds can lead to health problems. All indoor mold growth is potentially harmful and should be removed. Mold Testing Louisville Services can be crucial if you have children, elderly people or immune deficient family members.

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What To Do If You Suspect Mold

If you see signs of mold, smell mold odors or have experienced any water damage, you need to have testing completed by a professional from HomeMD mold testing Louisville. Mold doesn’t have to be visible to become a mold problem. Sometimes mold hides in places that are difficult for even an inspector to find. HomeMD Mold testing Louisville will help find it.

Why Choose HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville, KY

HomeMD Mold testing Louisville comes fully equipped and uses cutting edge equipment to provide accurate results. Our technicians have more than 20 years experience, exceptional training and certifications.

HomeMD offers full home inspection services; as well as Mold Testing Louisville. If you are purchasing a new home call HomeMD to schedule a full professional home inspection including Mold Testing Louisville to be sure the home is mold free. This is especially important if the home is listed “as is” or has been vacant for some time. By having Mold Testing Louisville look at your property, you will know precisely where your problem areas are. HomeMD Mold Testing Louisville is one of the best and most affordable companies in the area. The excitement of moving into a new home should not be diminished by the presence of hidden mold that can affect the health of your family.

If you want effective, reliable mold testing Louisville, call on the experts at HomeMD.