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HomeMD’s Radon Inspection Louisville testing will ensure your air quality is safe.

Have you had a Radon Inspection on your Louisville Home?

The Environmental Protection Agency estimates that radon is the second leading cause of lung cancer, accounting for 21,000 deaths annually. Radon gas can enter houses through cracks or holes in the foundation. Radon comes from the soil, therefore no home, old or new is exempt. It can be easy and inexpensive to have a Radon Inspection Louisville test.

Radon is a natural radioactive gas. You can’t see, smell or taste radon gas. You can be breathing in radon for many years without ever suspecting its presence. Any home can have elevated radon levels. Without proper ventilation, radon levels increase and can put you at risk. HomeMD’s Radon Inspection Louisville service can test your home for dangerous radon levels. A radon inspection is the only way to know if your family is at risk.

Our professional Radon Inspection Louisville Team are ready to help.

HomeMD urges clients to have a Radon Inspection Louisville test during their approval period.

HomeMD’s Radon Inspection Louisville service recommends having your home re-tested every two years. Radon levels can change over time.

Radon Inspection Louisville testing is the first step to ensuring the indoor air your family breathes is safe!

HomeMD offers complete home inspections. Include Radon Inspection Louisville testing when buying or selling a home. A Radon Inspection Louisville test will help give you peace of mind. Radon Inspections in the Louisville area are done by certified inspectors and tests can be scheduled at the time of inspection. Having a complete home inspection including HomeMD’s Radon Inspection Louisville test could save you thousands of dollars on the purchase of a new home. Radon Inspection Louisville service will help the seller know that there is nothing to hinder the sale. If high levels are found by a Radon Inspection Louisville test, they can be lowered.

Radon Inspection Louisville testing is offered in a prompt, courteous and professional manner. Call HomeMD to schedule a Radon Inspection in the Louisville area today.