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3 Steps to Complete One Week Before You Move

If you’re getting close to moving day your home should look more like a warehouse than a home, boxes spread all around, things packed and prepared for the big day.How to prepare for a move

At this point the place should be impossible to hold parties at and you should only have your bed made and some basic supplies ready in the kitchen.

Regardless you’ll need to deal with a few last?things before you move and this list will help you get them done in order:

1. Transfer Your Bank Accounts

If your bank account is in a regional bank and not a part of one of the international banks or the large banks, like Wells-Fargo for example, then you’ll need to transfer all accounts. That way you won’t have to pay any additional fees whenever you use another company’s ATM. Do some research and find out which banks are most available in your new town.

2. Transfer All Prescriptions

If you’re moving into a new town you’ll need to do this by setting up a new prescription in a drug store near your home. You’ll have to call your doctors and have them send the prescriptions to the new drugstore. Doing that ahead of time is a good way to get things ready before you arrive there instead of worrying about your supply when you need it the most. Do not forget to inform the institutions about the change of address, so to be sure you will receive all the documents addressed to you.

3. Call a Moving Company

When you finish the whole thing, at least two days prior, contact the company for moving services with which you deal. Specify the time you need to leave and arrive at the given address. At that stage you can also start packing all the staff you are planning to take with you. Do not forget to label all the boxes in order to avoid the mess after the relocation. Also pack all the essentials in one separate box that you can transfer yourself, so you can use your belongings immediately after the arrival.

Following these simple tips guarantee an easy and well organized move instead of chaotic and exhausting process.

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