When all is said and done, an energy audit gives home owners an opportunity to have an energy efficient home by implementing new energy saving strategies, improving appliances, and preventing wasting energy.Energy efficient homes louisville KY

Hiring a professional home inspection company ensures that the job is done the right way the first time, saving people money and frustration.

For home inspections in Louisville KY, HomeMD offers an easy way to schedule a range of tests online and help guide homeowners and real estate agents in identifying the problems and what to do about them.

Those wondering how to make home energy efficient sometimes try to assess manners for themselves. While some minor problems can be solved using do-it-yourself resources and guidebooks, a complete home inspection requires professional experience and a strong background both in knowing what odds and ends go missed to the untrained eye and how to solve them.

For Louisville KY home inspections, HomeMD can provide quick services with a detailed analysis that the home inspector will carefully go over with the homeowner or real estate agent.

Problems with appliances, home structure and construction, electrical and plumbing systems and other household equipment will be identified.

Whether looking to buy, sell or improve a home, this information is critical in assessing how to make home energy efficient.

HomeMD offers Energy Audits along with home inspections in Louisville KY. This special test follows the criteria of Energy Star, the government-backed guidelines for energy efficiency. Homes that receive an Energy Star rating have been thoroughly inspected by a professional home inspector and meet all of the organization’s testing requirements. For house buyers, the Energy Star becomes a symbol of security that the home is energy efficient. For sellers, the Energy Star helps propel the house on the market and ease any worries from potential buyers.

Let’s say you perform an energy audit on your home and the assessment comes back with several areas to improve, such as heating and cooling. You may ask yourself, “Where do I begin?”. It can be overwhelming trying to figure out how to improve your home’s energy efficiency.

Here are some tips to get you started:

  • Change your air filter regularly: By keeping this clean you aren’t restricting air flow, which makes the system work efficiently saving energy. Also if you allow for dust and dirt to build up, you can damage the system leading to a costly repair. Never mind the damage to your health with all the dirty air you are breathing!
  • Tune up your heating and cooling systems each year: With a little maintenance, it will keep them running efficiently.
  • Seal the heating and cooling ducts: If the energy audit results show you are loosing air in these ducts, be sure to seal them. Not sure how to seal ducts? Here is a duct sealing brochure from Energy Star!
  • Set water heater temperatures to 120F or lower: This can save you money and energy. Also if your water heater is older, there are options to insulate the outside of the heater and the pipes.
  • Going on vacation?: Turn off electric water heater or turn down gas water heater while gone.
  • Check your windows: Energy audits are specific enough to pin point which windows are loosing air. If you have a few windows that are loosing significant energy, it may be best to replace them. You can do this by hiring a local contractor to help you determine which windows will work best for your needs. Another option is sealing the windows for the winter to keep energy in.
The best way to find out specific details and recommendations about your home’s energy efficiency is to have a professional energy audit done. This detailed report will tell you everything you need to know about your home and what areas you need to fix. In order to be fully prepared for the colder months ahead, an energy audit is your best option!
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