When doing home inspections, you are always checking for the safety of the property. One of the concerns that we frequently find during home inspections is fire hazards. Home fire cost millions of dollars of damage every year and kill or destroy the lives of many. Here are just a couple of examples of the type of fire hazards I find on a near daily basis. Most of the issues are things people would not be aware of in a prospective new home.Often the items found are easily corrected.

For example, in attics and basements, often wire splices can create an area of concern. Home owners will add wires to run power for a new outlet or fixture somewhere and not use a covered junction box to contain the wire splices. Junction boxes are designed to prevent a person from accidentally contacting live wires. The junction box has also the important function of containing any sparks that may occur. These sparks have the ability to start fires. When I am in an attic and see uncovered junction boxes surrounded by and sometimes partially filled with flammable cellulose insulation that is an important fire safety item to be corrected.

Another fire safety issue is regarding the installation of insulation. With home owners trying more than ever to save on heating and cooling bills they are installing more insulation and at times installing it wrong. The vapor barriers on many blankets of insulation is flammable and should be installed in specific manner to reduce fire potential and spread. Many people simply do not realize the situations that can be created.

These were just a couple of examples. When buying a home – new construction or existing property, be sure to get it inspected.