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Home Inspector Shares Video for Gas and Propane Shut-Off Valve

Many times a prospective home buyer will have the opportunity to attend the home inspection when HomeMD Inspection Services is on-site performing the inspection. ?This home inspection tour provides the home buyer with a roadmap for the new property and can help identify some key components of the property.

Sometimes, however, the home buyer can not attend and does not have the opportunity to learn about key systems or components of the house during the inspection.

This week’s video identifies the emergency shut-off valve for gas and propane valves.

In most cases the main shut-off is located at the exterior of the home at the main service component, and can easily be turned off rotating the valve 90 degrees with a wrench or a large pair of pliers. Some homeowners keep a wrench or pliers near the main shut-off for easy access in emergencies.

This one-minute video by US Inspect provides basic instructions for shutting down the gas supply to gas appliances in the event of an emergency.

You can contact HomeMD Inspection Services anytime to learn more about how to operate your home more safely and efficiently following your home inspection.