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How to Get the Most from Your Home Inspection

How to Get the Most From Your Home Inspection

Home Inspections offer a lot of valuable information on the condition of the home.  The home inspection will accurately and without bias, discover and report on the condition of the property. Get the most from your home inspection by using HomeMD.

Get the most from your HomeMD home inspection

Be Available

An important first step in having a Home Inspection is for you to be available to participate. Your Home Inspector will educate you about the house by showing you locations of major systems and components like water meters and cut-off valves. Follow your inspector to see first-hand what the home inspector finds about the condition of the home. You may want to dress for the occasion in clothes that are comfortable and you don’t mind getting dirty. Home Inspections will usually last between 2 and 3 hours. Try to schedule your day to allow plenty of time to talk to your inspector.

Make Home Accessible

All areas of the home need to be accessible for the inspection. Plan the Home Inspection with your realtor, so that the home can be opened and have all the utilities turned on. The inspection report will be limited if the mechanical systems aren’t on and working. If the house is vacant, this may mean working with the utility companies to have service restored.

Ask Questions

If you have any questions or concerns about the home, jot them down ahead of time so you can ask the inspector when in the appropriate areas of the home. Not only will this help you to remember your questions, but will keep you alert to any new information the Inspector may convey.

Get more from your home inspection with these tips


No Distractions

Don’t bring “guests” to the inspection. This isn’t the time to show off the home or think about decorating. It is also best not to include your children during this time unless there is another adult to supervise them. You don’t want to be distracted from the inspection. For an extra set of eyes, bring along a friend that is knowledgeable in home construction and would help you understand the inspection.
Distraction is the reason NOT to bring a video camera. The Home Inspector will be taking pictures for you. If you bring your own camera it is much more likely that you will want to focus on space planning, decorating, etc. When you are looking through a lens you are missing out on what is going on around you and you may miss the best opportunity to ask questions about the condition of the home.

Additional Tests

To have a complete and thorough home inspection it is recommended to have additional inspections or tests performed the same day. These may include radon testing or pest inspections.

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