Is it time to repair or replace your air conditioning unit?

Hopefully these tips will help you identify the problem more quickly and get it repaired more quickly.

Is there an acrid smell emanating from your air conditioning unit. ?Many?Louisville?heating and air?experts?say that?this may be a sign that the wire insulation has burned. This could be caused by an electrical short out or just a high resistance in the wiring.?Professionals say evidence of another electrical problem that can occur is if the system isn’t working but seems to constantly trip the circuit breaker. This is a sign that an overload is present in the wiring that is causing electrical surges.

Try to be aware of the noises your AC is making. If it begins to make an unusual noise such as a rattling or growling noise it’s probably a sign that the fan belt has broken or it may be a loose part or defective motor. A clicking sound is a sign that a relay or capacitor is attempting to switch itself on. A lack of cooling in an otherwise working system is a sign that either the condenser has failed or that the freon levels have dropped. It can be easily established if this is the true cause of the problem by feeling the large copper line coming from the condenser. If this is cold then you have another problem if it’s warm then the condenser or freon level is the problem.

A blocked filter may also be the cause of a lack of cool air.If the air flow is restricted the cool air will stay inside the system causing parts of it to freeze up. If you notice ice forming on the condenser line it’s probably due to the filter. However another cause could be a severe blockage somewhere in the air ducts. Either way it’s probably time to call in an AC technician.

Should You Consider Replacing Your Air Conditioner?

Although you can’t see into the future, there are three things to consider when thinking you might need to replace your air conditioner:

  • Age:?Like any other system in your home, an air conditioner becomes less efficient with age. Even if you’ve diligently maintained your air conditioner, it has probably lost a great deal of efficiency if it’s a decade or so old. You may have made this observation yourself if your repair bills have been mounting over the last few cooling seasons. Although you might want to put off this investment, keep in mind that you’ll not only avoid all those repair costs but also enjoy lower utility bills. Replacing an outmoded A/C with a newer?Energy Star?model can save you considerable money.
  • Higher bills:?Are your electricity bills a whole lot higher than they used to be? It may not be because of higher fuel prices. As an air conditioner ages, it becomes less efficient. As it nears the end of the line, an A/C can become considerably more expensive to run. By going ahead with an A/C replacement, you can lower your energy bills, not only because of the age factor, but also because most older units have seasonal energy efficiency ratings that are much lower than their newer counterparts. An air conditioner that’s a decade old can have a SEER rating of six to 10. Today’s high-efficiency systems can have SEER ratings in the 20s. Also, don’t forget that you probably qualify for an?energy tax credit?on that new highly efficient A/C.
  • High humidity:?Does your home have a clammy feeling? As an air conditioner approaches the end of its lifespan, it loses its ability to dehumidify your home. That clammy feeling is the third telltale sign that you need to consider a replacement. Your HVAC tech will make sure your new unit is sized correctly to sufficiently dehumidify your home. He or she will also inspect your?ductwork?for issues such as leaks.

Before you decide your air conditioner unit needs repaired or replaced, be sure to hire a professional to assess the unit. ?Then, you can feel more assured that your decision is one based on fact, not frustration.

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Special thanks to?Bill Kusmik?at BalancePointe Heating and Air Conditioning for some of the content of this article. ?