Louisville Home Inspector Security System

With all the recent news here locally in Louisville about the rash of home break in’s , I wanted to pass along some important information as it relates to home security from a home inspector’s point of view.

As most of you know, when Louisville home inspectors are performing home inspections for their clients they should be checking all the security features the home provides, like key entry dead bolts on all doors, locking mechanisms on windows, motion sensor lighting on the property and locks on gates and fences that surround the property.

One thing that gets overlooked or is never discussed with the client is their home security system.

Why?? Because it’s not part of a standard inspection.? The reason I bring this up is because we did three inspections last week where our client told us their home got broken into within the past year.? One of our clients told us that their home had been broken into 3 TIMES, in the past four years!? The last time was just a month ago. Ouch!!

So because of the recent news about home break in’s, I did some research for them and here is what I found out.? I called ADT (largest home security company in the U.S.); because I have an ADT Security Systems installed in my home, and asked them about their systems and what would be the best system for a new home buyer without paying a lot of money out of pocket.? They told me if there is any existing alarm system in the home, the new home owner only pays the monthly monitoring fee ($35.99).? If the home doesn’t have an alarm system, ADT will install a $299 system at no charge, but the monthly fee is slightly more ($42.99).

So for roughly $40 a month and no money out of pocket, they can have a monitored security system in their home.? ADT said that this offer is not an advertised offer and you have to call a specific number (800-291-3623) and mention this promo code (A58755).? Also anybody can get this deal!? I thought this was a great deal by a reputable company for anyone, not just new home buyers.

All three of my clients have since called this number and mentioned the promo code and told me that it was in fact just like I explained it to them and they were very grateful. ??I will now be including this information in all our inspection reports going forward and telling everyone I know. ?So be sure to tweet and re-tweet, email and tell everyone you know.? Who knows how long this promo will last.