During a recent home inspection in the Highlands neighborhood we discovered that one of the two HVAC systems in the home was not performing properly when we tested it.

The unit was turned on and the temperature of the supply air from the vents were tested for the appropriate temperture differential.? The air coming from the vents was approximately 65 degrees, not remotely close to the temperature needed to heat the home.? The other HVAC system was running constantly in order to heat the home.? This had increased the home owners energy bill significantly, plus caused more wear and tear on the working unit.

Check out the video and find out what the problem was.


In concluding:? Be sure to have your heating and cooling systems serviced annually by a licensed HVAC technician before the winter and summer months catch up to you.? These are the times of the year when your heating and cooling systems are working their hardest.

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We’ll see you at your next home inspection!