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Do You Need Climate Controlled Storage in Louisville, KY?

It doesn’t matter if you’re moving, remodeling, staging your home, or trying to make moreclimate controlled storage louisville ky space; if you’re looking for a storage unit you have two main options to consider.

Finding a unit that will keep your things safe and doing so without breaking the bank.

Your goal is to balance the two by ensuring the safety of your belongings with spending as little as possible. Climate controlled storage will accomplish your first goal by protecting your belongings from the heat and humidity. But it’s also more expensive. In order to determine whether you require climate control you’ll need to consider two factors: what you’re storing andwhere you’re storing it?that is, your local climate. So do you need climate controlled storage in Louisville, Kentucky?

Heat and Humidity

Extreme heat or cold can cause damage to a variety of household goods: heat can fry electronics, while freezing temperatures can make glass more brittle. It’s humidity, however, that’s the greatest danger. High levels of humidity encourage mold and mildew to grow on any organic material, meaning your clothes, canvas, or leather furniture. Mold can also grow on important documents, photographs, carpets, rugs, and anything made out of fur are all in danger. At above 55 RH (relative humidity) mold and mildew spores begin to spread, putting any organic material in your unit at danger. Additionally, high levels of humidity create condensation when there is a rapid change in temperature?the resulting water droplets can destroy electronics as well as any other non-waterproof materials.

Louisville’s Climate

Remember: the real dangers here are extreme temperatures and humidity levels above 55 RH. So if you’re looking for climate controlled?storage in Louisville,KY, you’ll want to give this chart consideration:

Averages Jan Feb Mar April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec
Temperature high/low 42/26 47/29 57/37 75/45 68/47 85/66 88/69 87/68 81/60 70/48 57/39 49/30
?Humidity in RH Morning/Afternoon 78/65 77/61 76/57 76/52 82/56 83/57 85/58 87/57 88/57 85/55 80/61 79/66


Heat should never be too much of a problem in Louisville, as the average high never exceeds 90 degrees. The cold should only be a consideration in January, February, and December, when the average low dips below freezing. Humidity, however, is another story. The average relative humidity in Louisville only drops below 55 RH (the mold and mildew danger zone) in April?otherwise, it’s often significantly higher, meaning mold, mildew, and condensation should be huge concerns. What can we take away from all of this? If you’re storing anything that might be sensitive to humidity in Louisville, you should go with a climate controlled storage unit.

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