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Seller’s Home Inspection? Seems Like a No Brainer.

Prior to purchasing a home, you should consider a home inspection.Home Inspection

A home inspection, for some people, is not a high priority on the moving to-do list, yet they contain important and valuable information about your new purchase.

Home Purchases can be Contingent on Home Inspection Results

One of the main clues that a home inspection is crucial is that if there are significant defects found, you can actually back out of your offer on the home. Obviously, this means that potential problems that could be discovered by a home inspection company could be extremely serious, especially if it allows you to break the contract without penalty.

The Home Inspection Process

A home inspection in Louisville KY typically lasts between two and three hours. You should try to be present for the inspection. This will allow you to see what the inspector is seeing. This gives you firsthand knowledge, which will help you be able to see whatever issues need to be dealt with. Although the home inspector will take pictures, firsthand knowledge is beneficial and any questions can be explained immediately.

Inspectors generally note:

Which issues found require replacement or just need to be repaired or serviced.

Whether each problem is a?minor defect, a?major defect, or a?safety issue.

Which items, if any, are suitable for now, but need to be monitored closely.

Once you have received the results from your home inspector, you have several things to consider.

If you put an inspection contingency clause in your contract and you feel the problems found by your home inspection company are too expensive to fix, you can decide to walk away from your contract.


You can always request that the seller repair the problems, give a cash credit at closing so you can fix the problems, or reduce the home’s price.

In situations where the home is owned by a bank and being sold as-is, none of the aforementioned options can be utilized in your situation. You can acquire estimates to fix the problems that were found by your home inspector. Then you can devise a plan for completing the repairs.

It is true that home inspections do cost time and money. In the end, you will be glad you took the time and spent the little bit of money to ensure you are purchasing a safe and solid home. If you have never purchased a home before, an inspection may give you insight into home maintenance. These are the reasons why you need to call a home inspection company, such as HomeMD, when you are considering purchasing a home.