Get a Home Inspection for Your New Construction

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Get a home inspection on your new construction because new homes can have plenty of problems. Having a licensed home inspector inspect your new construction home can offer you some peace of mind. Having a professional home inspection for your new construction is your opportunity to learn more about the property. Make a list of 3-5 questions to ask your home inspector. These can pertain to the construction process, the homes current state, and even what to expect in the future.

The early phases of construction can be a good time to hire a licensed home inspector when more of the house is visible. If you are buying a home later in the building process, have a professional inspection before the purchase is completed. This can be done 3-4 days before the final walk-through inspection with the builder.

New construction can have all sorts of problems.
Even the best builders are likely to miss something when there are many subcontractors working on different systems in the house at the same time. A Municipal building inspection isn’t the same as having an independent professional home inspection. The job of the municipal building inspectors is to check for compliance with applicable building codes, which are minimum standards.
A home inspection on your new construction can protect you against a variety of problems. A new home inspection can find:

  • Floor creaks due to structural components
  • Cracks in Fixtures
  • Problems with plumbing or septic systems
  • Problems with electrical systems
  • Defective materials (such as the seals on windows)
  • Landscaping/Drainage Issues
  • Broken roof trusses
  • Missing siding
  • Missing insulation in Energy Efficient homes
  • Mold in crawl space
  • Raised roof shingles

Choose the right home inspector for new construction

Find Problems Before Moving Into Home

Your home inspector can find problems that can be fixed before you move into your new home. Defects can be repaired before they result in serious damage. This can save you time and money. Safety issues such as gas leaks need to be addressed to protect you and your family. Some repairs can be very costly and you will want the builder to fix any significant repairs right away.
Builders may be on a deadline and are rushed to have a home finished. It could cause them to miss something or take a shortcut. It is also possible that the builder subcontracted work to people that aren’t as specialized in that specific construction. If they don’t block vents to the HVAC system, construction dust can enter and clog the unit. Ask if the home comes with a home warranty. This can help with any repairs needed later.

If you don’t have a professional home inspection on your new construction, you might start noticing issues over time. It may be too late to have the builder make the repairs. The builders’ warranty may have expired. It is better to find the problem before living in the home for awhile. Some repairs can be very costly. There is a level of comfort knowing a newly constructed home is warranted by the builder, but having a professional, licensed home inspector inspect the house, gives you peace of mind. If you don’t have your home inspected before buying it, consider having it inspected by a professional inspector before the one-year warranty runs out.

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