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Shutters – Many Styles, Fewer Components

Shutters are made up of a number of components.? While there are tons ofstyles of shutters, they’re actually not comprised of that many parts.? The following four pieces make up shutters:

The Rails, which include the top piece, divider, and bottom of the shutter, make up part of the frame of the shutter.? These pieces are structural and can range from a couple of inches high to about four and a half inches.? The height depends on the height of the panel and size of the louver.

Louvers rotate on a pin and are connected together by the tilt bar (which you’ll learn about below).? The louvers also have a fairly large size range, and can be from about one and a quarter inches, which is the standard, all the way up to over four inches.? This will depend upon the type of shutter and material used.

Tilt bars are connected to the center of each individual louver.? The tilt bar is an important component, as it controls the amount of light, privacy, and ventilation that the shutter allows for.? They generally only can move up or down.

Stiles are the right and left structural pieces of the shutter.? They help hold the shutter together, and are usually about two inches wide.? They also hold the pins in place that connect the louver.

You’ll find that having an understanding of the individual parts of the shutter to be useful while you’re going through catalogs or internet shopping for your new shutters.? Before becoming too overwhelmed, remember that you can get all the help you need from a skilled window treatment specialist!

Michael Proctor has provided drapery, blinds, and other types of window treatments for St. Louis residents. His business, Proctor Drapery and Blinds, has been serving St. Louis for over 35 years.