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Are You Sick? Or is the House? Get a Home Inspection and Find Out!

Do you suffer from allergies, hay fever, wake up with a stuffy head, or runny nose?Home Inspection Louisville KY testing for mold in your home

Often it is written off as seasons changing, or getting exposed to something that gets you sneezing. However, the cause could be the quality of the air inside your home that is behind the misery. A good home inspection company in Louisville KY can determine if this is the case.

Take a look at the air in front of a window when the sun is shining through. There you will see all kinds of stuff floating through the air. Often dismissed as dust, this stuff in the air is actually a combination of all kinds of things. While dust is a part of it, there is also building materials, dander if you have pets, dead skin from you and the family, and dust mites that eat this dead skin.

When this ?dust” can really pile up is where you can’t see it; inside your vents.

Home inspections in Louisville KY have the equipment to peek inside the ventilation systems and see how much, and what kinds of dust have accumulated. Once you know if it is there, you can clean it out.

But a home inspector in Louisville KY can do so much more than track down dust pockets. There is such a thing as ?sick house syndrome?, and they are trained in how to spot the factors involved. Dust and dust mites is one thing; toxic molds are another. On the extreme end is black mold, which can be deadly to both people and pets.

And unlike dust, which can easily be spotted even by the untrained eye, molds can hide in walls, under tile floors, bathrooms, or even the carpet.

And some molds don’t even look like molds, even as they pour spores into the air and into your lungs. These take trained inspectors to find.

Most people only think of getting home inspections in Louisville KY when they go to buy a house, or to have it remodeled. However, there are other times that an inspection should be seriously considered. One is when you or your family develops breathing or allergy problems where none were before. Or even if you find yourself going outside for ?some fresh air?. Even in the cleanest of houses, molds and dust accumulation can occur, and a home inspection can get to the bottom of it.