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What are the signs of a mold problem?

What are the signs that I have a mold problem?

Mold has a musty smell and if it gets stronger in certain areas of the home then there is a good sign that you are close to the source. Even a slight smell of mold means that there is enough moisture for the mold to grow and it spreads fast so if you smell mold you need to get rid of it fast! If the mold smell gets worse when the air conditioning or heating is on then there could be a mold problem in the HVAC, air conditioner or heater.

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What are the signs of a mold problem?

Sometimes we see mold and do not realize what it is until it is too late. Often we have mold growing on the grout between the tiles. Do not ignore any signs of mold. It will only get worse.

Another sign of mold is humidity. High humidity can lead to condensation and water accumulation. Things also take longer to dry out when the air is humid. Some molds can live off humidity in the air.

A humidity level above 60% can lead to mold growth. It’s best to keep humidity between 30% and 60%. You can buy humidity monitors to keep an eye on the humidity in your home.

If you live near water, such as the coast or a lake, the humidity may be high. Using air conditioning and HVAC can also change the humidity levels indoors. It is important to remember that you need to have your HVAC and A/C well maintained and clean.

If you have a water leak from your roof or attic you may have a mold problem. Leaks in pipes and roofs are the most common. Look for signs of water damage. If you find a crack you should always have it checked for mold.


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A damp basement is a sign of a mold problem

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Another indication that you have mold is a damp basement. Basements usually do not have good ventilation which can lead to condensation which creates the perfect environment for mold to grow and thrive. Any area that gets poor ventilation is a playground for mold.

You can also look for paint that may peel away from the walls due to moisture, rust on pipes or nails, warping walls, blocked gutters, standing water and a history of water problems.

Are you starting to think that mold can grow almost anywhere? If so then you would be right. All it takes for mold to thrive is: water, heat, and moisture.

If you think that you have a mold problem call a professional to do an inspection and help get rid of the issue. HomeMD specializes in mold testing as well as all home inspections.
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