Home is a place to relax at the end of the day, create memories with family and entertain friends.

But when allergies cause your home to become a place of discomfort, rather than enjoyment, it’s time to find some ways to breathe easier at home. Using a Louisville KY home inspector can be the wisest decision you make to help you determine the source of your allergies. The following factors are some that they will take into consideration and so should you:

How Often Are You Plagued By Allergy Symptoms?

Some allergy sufferers are plagued by symptoms all year around, while others experience allergy-related health issues only seasonally. Knowing when your allergies bother you and when they seem to go away can help you and your home inspector narrow down the list of potential allergens. While discussing this with your home inspector, be as specific as possible about seasons in which your allergies are worse, and even time of day, if it’s relevant.

Is There a Specific Location in Your Home That Seems Worse?

This is very important to help you determine if the source of your allergy symptoms is located in a specific area of the house. Home owners with mold allergies often suffer the most in damper areas of the home, such as the basement or laundry room. You may not think mold is present in your home, but tiny spores can hide in unseen places and cause a great deal of suffering to those who are allergic.

What Brings You Temporary Relief?

Are there certain times of the day or year when your allergy symptoms seem to lessen or disappear altogether? Relay this information to your home inspector to help figure out what’s causing your suffering and devise a plan that will help you return to feeling better. If little things like opening the windows or turning on the heat helps, let your inspector know.

A Louisville KY home inspection company can help you return your home to a place of relaxation and enjoyment by locating the allergens and helping you remove or reduce them. Good health care and home care can assist you in getting rid of or reducing symptoms so you can breathe more easily without headaches, fatigue and other unpleasant allergy symptoms. Louisville KY home inspectors can get you back on track to feeling your best and enjoying your home to the fullest.