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Top 5 Advantages of Steel Buildings

Taking a look at the last few years it seems that more and more people want to build their homes or apartment buildings (if they are rich) using steel.Advantages of Steel Built Homes

Even though steel has been used for decades in industrial and commercial sectors, it has come back in trend and there are many countries all over the world who consider using it.

History of Steel

It was in the seventeen hundreds that the use of metal was employed and it started with the use of iron columns within walls. Iron columns and beams, over the years, became a common feature in massive industrial buildings. Since steel was invented in eighteen fifty five by Sir Henry Basserner and ever since, it has become a mandatory construction material for skyscrapers, pipelines, bridges and so on. It seems that if there is anything that contributed to the popularity of steel it was the different difficulties faced by people using wood.

Plenty of Advantages to Steel Buildings

There are many advantages of steel buildings, asides from the obvious ones. For example, steel buildings are generally built way faster than structures using other materials. Compared to the traditional building methods, the costs for steel buildings is also lower. On top of that, they have a reduced risk of fire, they are very simple to maintain and they are also lighter in weight.

An environmental factor is also involved, because steel is 66% recyclable. This makes it very effective compared with other alternative materials and also much cheaper. There is also the durability factor, because a steel building is more likely to withstand for many years despite unfavorable weather conditions like earthquakes, heavy snow, high wind and hurricanes. On top of that, Steel Buildings are also resistant to rotting, splitting, cracks, creeping and termites.

Cost of Steel Buildings

Currently people will find that the costs of these buildings are a little higher than what they would pay if they’d go for a wooden building, but there are plenty of benefits associated to the steel structures which make up for the price. For instance, they need little maintenance and are also very energy efficient. Covering them with traditional building materials like stucco, siding and bricks, they can easily be given a conventional look.

Because there are no flammable materials involved, the insurance costs also drop down very much, as well as the decreased material costs because of the prefabricated designing and the labor costs.


Steel building products, category in which steel frames count in, are made using recycled steel. No less than twenty eight percent of steel frames are made from recycled steel which will eventually get recycled again. Compared to using wood, this is a way more environmental friendly material and it has been estimated that a two thousand square foot home uses wood from around fifty trees. For the same house, but this time built using steel, it will only require about 6 scraped cars.

There are plenty of advantages of?steel buildings have and everyone needs to consider them very well. It’s much better to go for steel structures, rather than wooden ones!

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Our guest blog author is Cyclone Steel Buildings, located in the UK. They are the home of bespoke steel buildings, commercial steel buildings, steel frame buildings, prefab steel buildings and much more.