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After the Home Inspection Packing, Purging and Transitioning

Posted by Sharon Johnson on July 01, 2013  /   Posted in do it yourself, Home Buying, home inspection

PACKING, PURGING, AND TRANSITIONING You’ve had the home inspection, the closing is scheduled and soon you and your family will be preparing to move into your new home. ?Thanks to our friends at Inspect-It Inspections, here are 4 great tips to help you prepare for the big day. So you’re ready to move, but you’re

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April is the Perfect Time to Inspect Your Home for Efficiency

Posted by Sharon Johnson on April 05, 2012  /   Posted in do it yourself, energy, home inspection, home maintenance, Renovations and Remodels

Finally, it’s spring. ?Now is the time to tweak some of your home’s energy efficiency and overall operability. Inside Install a programmable thermostat Energy is wasted when you push up the temperature when the room feels cold or turn down the heat manually when it’s too warm. You can save about $180 a year with

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How to Repair a Flat Lawnmower Tire

Posted by Sharon Johnson on June 02, 2011  /   Posted in do it yourself

DARN!! I hate when that happens. Grass cutting season has just started, and I have already noticed one front tire on the mower looked like the air pressure was low. It was low, in fact it was almost flat. As seen in the picture above, I must have picked up a nail left from an

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Top 10 Innovative Products for Do-It-Yourselfers

Posted by Sharon Johnson on February 18, 2011  /   Posted in do it yourself, home inspection, Renovations and Remodels

Top 10 innovative products for do-it-yourselfers to kick off 2011 (ARA) – Do-it-yourselfers range from experts to novices, ambitious renovators to weekend handypersons, but one thing they all share is the drive to find products and tools that can make their home improvement projects easy, successful and fast. “Do-it-yourselfers appreciate home improvement products that are

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