HomeMD Featured On Local Sotheby’s Realty Podcast

Posted by Sharon Johnson on January 18, 2016  /   Posted in Uncategorized

Last month, our own Robb Johnson was interviewed as part of Lenihan Sotheby’s International Realty’s ongoing Perpectives series. During this interview, hosted by Realtor Greg Fleischaker, Robb discussed a few items that homeowners and buyers alike should keep an eye out for during home inspections. 1. Electrical Systems: “From a safety standpoint, we see a

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HomeMD Featured on Louisville Real Estate Podcast

Posted by Sharon Johnson on September 30, 2015  /   Posted in Uncategorized

HomeMD was featured on the Louisville Real Estate podcast on September 30, 2015 in a Home Inspections edition. Greg Fleischaker interviewed Robb Johnson to discuss pest inspections, radon and mold testing and analysis, thermal imaging inspections and energy audits. You can listen to the podcast here.

4 Troubleshooting Tips for Your HVAC System

Posted by Sharon Johnson on October 08, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

How to Troubleshoot Common HVAC Issues After nearly two and a half decades of service as an HVAC technician, I’ve been called to the scene of many HVAC issues that could have easily been handled by the homeowner had they known what to look for. While I would never recommend trying to fix a heating

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What’s Your Louisville Home’s Price Tag Now?

Posted by Sharon Johnson on September 19, 2013  /   Posted in Uncategorized

What’s your Louisville home’s price tag now? As the housing market bounces back in many parts of the country, you may be wondering: What’s my home worth now? There’s actually more than one answer, according to Scott Halliwell, a certified financial planner at USAA. He says your home has three potentially very different price tags

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