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The Dangers of Radon and its Health Risk

Submitted by Jessica Morgan

How to Get Rid of Radon from Water?

Radon, an odorless, tasteless, and colorless gas can cause some serious health issues like lung cancer and other lung conditions. It is present in both soil and water and can enter a house through cracks in foundations or by using groundwater such as well water used for showering or other household uses.

How do you purify your water from radon exposure? Distillation and reverse osmosis are not much use as radon molecules are smaller and lighter than water molecules. One of the methods used by many for removing radon from water is through granular activated carbon. These units are available in different models, sizes, and types, but they all follow the same principle in removing the radon from water. A tank made of fiberglass which contains granular activated carbon will be installed at the initial entry of the water supply into the house, it may be next to the well tank only.

Carbon also has a fine particle size which can trap the radon when water is passed through the tank and lets into the home-purified water. However, once there is enough radon trapped there is a danger of accumulated radioactivity, hence the carbon has to be changed once a year. Please go through this infographic from PropertEco for a detailed information about radon.