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7 Must Have Garage Security Features From Louisville Home Inspector

Must-Have Garage Door Security Features

Garage doors make life convenient, but they do come with some security risks. Garage doors can be dangerous and cause damage to property and people if they do not have the proper safety features. They can also be used to gain entrance to a house if they are not properly used. Do not install a garage door without ensuring that it has all the proper safety features. Follow this guide to the essential safety features that every garage door should come equipped with.

A High Button

The button to activate the garage door should be out of the reach of any curious little kids. A proper height for a garage door button is at least four feet high. This will prevent little kids from getting injured by the door coming down or getting in trouble by getting outside.

Don’t Let Kids Play with the Garage Door

Even when kids get older, they still should be educated not to play with the garage door. Every year, hundreds of kids wind up headed to the emergency room because they like to play with garage doors. These injuries usually occur because they like to play games where they try to slide under the garage door while it is closing. Make sure to inform kids of the dangers of playing with garage doors to keep them safe.

Emergency Release

The garage door should have an emergency release as an essential safety feature. This will allow owners to open and close their garage doors even when the power is off.

Automatic Reversal Mechanism

This is perhaps the most crucial safety feature on a garage door. The automatic reversal mechanism activates when it encounters an object on its way down. It should instantly stop and start to come back up when it encounters anything. This safety feature is one that should be tested regularly by garage door owners. Every month or two, owners should try closing the garage with a 2×4 in its path. When this safety feature is working properly, it can save cars from being damaged by an accidental closure. It can also save lives by preventing people from getting smashed by a closing garage door.

Vacation Lock Security Switch

This is one of the most important safety features for homeowners who are worried about burglars. The vacation lock security switch can be flipped by homeowners whenever they will be away from their home for extended periods of time. This will disable the garage from being opened by a remote control. Many burglars break into homes by using multiple remote controls until they find a frequency that will open the garage door. Then they simply walk in the house door in the garage because it is almost always unlocked. Always activate the vacation lock security switch when you will be gone for more than a day.

Small Garage Door Remote Control

Because the remote control can be used to gain access, thieves will often smash into a car to grab the remote control. Then they can use it at their leisure to gain entrance to the house. Do not leave your garage door remote control out in plain sight in your car. It is best to get a small remote control for the garage door that can fit onto a keychain. This will allow you to keep it with you at all times, taking away the chance for a thief to steal it from the car.

Lock Your Door

Even with security features, a garage is an easy access point for thieves. Make sure to always deadbolt the house door inside the garage. This is a crucial line of defense for your home safety.

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