There are many important tasks to keep in mind when purchasing a new home.Energy audit louisville KY

One of the most important things to do is have the new home inspected. Something that not every home inspector will do is an energy analysis to help determine if energy is being wasted. We are the best company for performing (energy audits Louisville KY) energy audits in Louisville, Kentucky and the surrounding area.

An energy audit is a more focused inspection of a house, using specialized equipment to find out where energy is escaping so a new homeowner can determine if a home is in good condition and ready for new residents.

An energy analysis can make a difference in how that first electric or gas bill is viewed; is it an expected and realistic bill, or is it a shock. By conducting an energy analysis, we can help make that determination.

Sometimes windows or the foundation of a house are practically sieves that allow air to escape and to keep a home from becoming comfortable. By conducting an energy analysis a homeowner not only knows what to expect from utility bills, but they also have more power to negotiate. A home might seem to be reasonably priced, but an energy analysis might prove that paying for the mortgage and utility bills will be impossible. A new homeowner might also have an opportunity to add insulation, better windows, a new roof before moving in to save the mess and hassle of making those corrections while already living in a house.

By having home inspectors perform energy audits in Louisville KY, you can also find out if the appliances in the house are energy efficient.

If you purchase a home that comes with Energy Star appliances, we offer the RecallChek program. This program analyzes the pre-existing energy efficient appliance to make sure they are still working properly and efficiently. This will give you a better understanding of how efficient your new home really is. We have well over 100,000 pieces of recall information on items that might be able to be replaced or have parts replaced to make those appliances more energy efficient in the future. Just because the realtor tells you the appliances are energy efficient, it doesn’t mean they still save energy efficiently and it is best to double check.

Homeowners and realtors alike will find the information we can provide to be invaluable to find out how energy efficient a home can be. The average homeowner spends over $1900 a year on energy.

An energy audit performed by us can save 30% of that cost, or nearly $600 a year.

That makes our service an expense that is more of a no-brainer than an option!

We can come in and find out how energy efficient any home is, whether it is 100 years old, or whether it is brand new. The money that we can save our customers in decreased energy bills makes our service a must.



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