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Hidden Benefits of Energy Efficient Appliances

The topic of energy efficient appliances has been a popular basis of discussion in the mediaEnergy Star Appliances benefits during the last decade. However, many homeowners still do not fully understand the hidden benefits — and savings — of these fantastic devices!?One of the biggest reasons to switch to energy efficient appliances is the most simple.

These machines often run on 30%-50% less energy.

Not only does this help the environment, it also saves homeowners on their monthly utility costs.?In addition, these types of appliances are also said to be constructed of longer lasting materials than regular appliances. A durable appliance will run better for longer, saving homeowners the hassle and expense of replacing the unit more quickly.

These types of appliances also have additional benefits that the normal versions do not.

Let’s dive into the several benefits of owning an Energy Star clothing washing machine. To start, these washing machines come in both top-loading and front-loading models. One visual aspect of the top-loading washer you will notice is that they do not have a central agitator. There is a reason for this, just like the name “agitator” suggests, it will damage your clothes over time. The purpose of the agitator is to pull and rub on the clothes to “clean” them, but this can cause tearing and pulls in the fabric. By removing the agitator, your clothes are now gently flipped and spun?through streams of water. Now you don’t have to worry about your expensive, delicate clothing being ripped to shreds in your washer!

This improvement is great to expand the life of your clothes, but how does Energy Star save you money?

– Streams of water replace filling the tub reducing water waste from 23 gallons to 15 gallons in each load. That saves 8 gallons of water each time!

– High spin speeds are 3 times faster to extract more water, which means less drying time

– Energy Star clothes washers WILL save you on average $30 a year on utility bills

– Removed central agitator creates more space for large items, such as comforters, and bigger loads saving you time and water

– Gentle wash cycles in most Energy Star models allow you to wash wool, silk, and hand washables

What about drying your Energy Star washed clothing? As we all try to save money on utility bills, it would make sense to pair an Energy Star washer with an Energy Star dryer. Unfortunately, Energy Star does not label dryers because there isn’t a big enough difference in energy use between models. They do recommend purchasing a dryer that includes a moisture sensor feature. This feature can tell how much moisture your clothing has and will automatically shut off once the clothes are dry.

Another convenient appliance that makes daily kitchen chores a breeze is the energy inefficient dishwasher.

If you have an older dishwasher, made before 1994, you are paying an extra $40 a year in utility bills. Buying a new Energy Star dishwasher will save you money and energy!

– New Energy Star dishwashers save on average 1,300 gallons of water over their lifetime.

– Older dishwashers waste 10 gallons of water per cycle

– New Soil Sensors test how dirty the dishes are and adjust the water pressure/amount accordingly

– Efficient jets use less energy to spray water and clean the dishes

– Innovative dish racks are designed to situate the dishes for optimal cleaning

Energy Star offers several other home appliances, electronics, heating/cooling products, lights and fans, and products for home plumbing. Be sure to check out to receive tips on how to purchase products for your home that will save you money!

By purchasing Energy Star appliances you not only save money on utility bills, but there are also many added tax benefits of adding energy efficient models to a home.

Check with a local accountant to be sure of the benefits in your area, but most save taxpayers a few hundred dollars in rebates the year they are purchased.

But what if a home was purchased with existing energy efficient appliances? Is there a way to check if any energy efficient appliances recall have happened? And is the unit still working efficiently after a few years?

At HomeMD, we are also an authorized RecallChek dealer. What this means is that we check any pre-existing energy efficient appliances within the home to see if they are still working as well as they should. By doing so, the homeowner can be confident that their energy bills are as low as possible with the existing equipment inside their residence. This process can also help them determine which units are in need of repair and/or replacement.



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