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Inspecting Disability Housing

Inspecting Disability Housing or Aging in Place Inspections

The Baby Boom population is 50 million people over 65 today. A large amount of these baby boomers have or are developing disabilities. This means many homes are being remodeled to accommodate those that prefer aging in place. These homes need aging in place inspections.

Unlike their parents’ generation, Baby Boomers will seek care in their own homes and will be less likely to move into congregate living settings. Many think nursing homes are a loss of freedom and a reduced quality of life. Recognizing that their homes can become unsafe and difficult to navigate, they are retrofitting houses, building additions or constructing new homes with age-friendly features. These homes need aging in place inspections.

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Aging in Place Inspections

By having Aging-in-Place inspections done, families can have corrections and adaptations recommended to improve maneuverability, accessibility, and safety for elderly occupants. Plan and budget for modifications before they are needed due to a health crisis. Having aging in place inspections on your home can help you not be dependent on others due to declining health and mobility.

HomeMD can conduct aging in place inspections in your home to look for maneuverability, safety, and accessibility issues in all areas of your home. Over 75% of individuals that gave up their home for health or physical reasons could have remained at home with the right planning and assistance. Inspecting disability housing can be a valuable service to enable you to stay home.

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Aging in Place Inspections Check for

  • Trip and Fall hazards
  • Defective stairs and rails
  • Electrical and Fire issues
  • Furnace and Chimney dangers
  • Smoke Detector operation
  • Inadequate ventilation
  • Moisture Intrusion
  • Plumbing Leaks
  • Improper hot water temperature
  • Environmental health hazards like improperly stored paints & chemicals
  • Carbon Monoxide Level



Radon & Mold Testing can also be done with Aging in Place Inspections. Ask your Aging In Place Inspector to learn more about these special tests.
Aging in Place Inspections report will be given to the homeowner that notes safety and maintenance issues that need to be addressed. Recommendations can also be made as to how to improve the safety and integrity of your home.

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HomeMD offers weekend and evening appointments for Aging in Place Inspections. Join your inspector while he conducts a disability housing inspection to learn more about your home. The HomeMD Aging in Place offers a digital professional report and will offer more details with photos. HomeMD offers 100% satisfaction guaranteed on all Aging in Place Inspections!

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