No matter how big or small your bathroom, this is the one room of the house that requires a lot of thinking and a lot of work.Bathroom Renovation Tips

So today we are sharing some handy hints and tips to help make your life easier.


If you are going to re-tile your bathroom, you have a tough job on your hands. An easy way to get through the trouble of removing tiles is to hire a machine that is designed for the job. If you have stubborn tiles, cemented tiles or floor tiles the easiest way to remove them is by breaking them first with an SDS drill, hammer and chisel, which you can hire from any decent tool hire supplier.

If your surface is bare, and you intend to stick tiles onto it, then make sure you have removed any wallpaper as this will make your tiles slip off. To make removing wallpaper easier, use a steamer.

If you are putting up tiles and you need to cut them to the correct shape and size, no tile cutter on the domestic market will do the job better for you than a diamond tile cutter that will cut through tiles as if they are butter. They are incredibly expensive to buy so you will be much better of renting them from a tool hire?company.

Fixtures and Fittings

As lovely as those taps look in your local domestic home improvement store, it is unwise to make a purchase there and then based on the aesthetics. This is because under the lighting and size of a store, most installations look very inviting. However shopping for your fixtures in this way is a bad idea, because once you have installed your ultramodern bathroom in your shabby chic house, it will not look and feel the same. A better way to go about shopping for your bathroom look is to choose your design carefully whilst you are in the bathroom and decide on what you want before you start spending, and stick to the plan! It’s the only way you will get the look you really want.


If you are painting in a bathroom, then you need to be aware of the impact of humidity on your finish. For this reason, if you are in a rush and you need to get the use of your bathroom back quickly, it would be worth investing in air conditioning hire?for the day so as to absorb the humidity in the bathroom, allowing the paint to dry, as well as proving much needed ventilation. Beams and roofing work If you are lucky enough to have gorgeous wooden beams in your bathroom and you would like to renovate them, you could use the help of a sander before you start painting, which you can hire from any good tool hire agency. Sand the beams well before priming them, and sand lightly again once the paint as dried for a lovely shiny finish.

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