Ever have those days when you walk into your house and sigh out of boredom?Home improvements

Don’t worry; it happens to most homeowners from time to time. Every few years or so, we grow tired and bored with the way our homes look and long to shake things up. That white carpet you couldn’t live without has suddenly become necessary to replace; those marble counters you thought were so perfect now seem so imperfect; that leather sofa you purchased ten years ago is starting to look worn and old.

Similar to the way we change up our hairstyles and clothing every so often, it’s important to incorporate some change into the way our homes look every few years.

And even if you’re on a tight budget, there is a way to reinvigorate your house’s interior design without breaking the bank. If you’re looking to make some instant improvements to your home, here are four unique ideas to consider.

Try a new coat of paint

A change of color makes a world of difference. If you walk into a room and absolutely hate the color of the walls, go ahead and make your way over to Lowes or Home Depot and look through the paint swatches. When it comes to deciding on which color(s) to choose, I say take risks. If you’re tired of staring at white walls, then go for something bright and bold. Remember, it’s paint; you can always go back over it if you don’t like it. Furthermore, you don’t just have to stick to painting the walls; if you feel bold enough, go ahead and start painting furniture. That’ll definitely make some things stand out.

Focus on the fixtures

Ever heard the saying the devil is in the details? Well, it’s 100 percent true. People’s eyes are drawn to the little things that stand out from amongst the big picture. If you want to make some quick changes to your home d?cor, start trading out the little fixtures like the door knobs, drawer pulls, sink faucets, shower heads, etc. By integrating these minuscule changes, you’ll make some immediate, easy improvements that everybody will take notice of. Stores like Anthropologie, World Market, and Home Depot have great fixtures for most any design style or taste.

Shop resale or consignment shops

Now there is no need to waste money on buying all new furniture when you get bored with your current pieces. One of the best ways to redecorate your home is to head to the local thrift stores and consignment shops and look at what the other frustrated homeowners have given away. The prices will be affordable and you’ll also know what you’re buying is a one-of-a-kind piece. Interestingly, some of my favorite furniture pieces have actually come from thrift stores and consignment shops.

Move existing furniture to other rooms

If you’re not in a financial position to start buying furniture ?new or used ? here’s a great idea: start moving your furniture around to different rooms. Growing up, my mother would constantly change up the placement of the furniture in our house and it made a world of difference in the way everything looked. We’d never know when she was going to do it, but randomly one day we’d come home and notice that things looked different than the day before.

This easy home-improvement task is free of charge and will keep you appreciative of the furniture you already own.

Most homes could use a little switcheroo every once in a while. If you’ve become bored with the interior design of your home, consider using some of these cheap, efficient ideas to help you change some things up for the better.

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