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How to Fix a Clogged Garbage Disposal Without Hiring a Plumber!

I love my garbage disposal. Throwing food in the trash can become a smelly problem.Unclog garbage disposal without a plumber

By washing it down the garbage disposal, it keeps my house smelling clean. If the garbage disposal gets clogged, however, it can become a smelly mess.

With these steps, you should be able to unclog your garbage disposal safely.

Before you work on the garbage disposal, for safety purposes please ensure that the power to the garbage disposal is turned off. Don’t just turn the switch off. You need to turn the power off at the breaker box. You will also need an Allen wrench, a broom handle, and a flashlight.

First, you need to look inside the drain. Shine a flashlight inside to see if you can find any objects that could be blocking the drain such as fork and spoons. It is very important to remove any glass objects from the disposal before turning it on. I once lost one of my measurement shot glasses down the drain and didn’t realize it until I turned the disposal on.

The glass crushed and resulted in my having to replace the garbage disposal.

Once everything is cleared from the drain, you will need to find the socket for the Allen wrench. Look at the underside of the garbage disposal. In the center of the underside is where the socket is located. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise. This will loosen the flywheel. Keep turning the wrench until the flywheel is loose enough to dislodge any food that may be stuck underneath. Using the flashlight, you will need to retrieve the food that was dislodged into the drain.

Since all of the food may not have been dislodged with the loosening of the flywheel, you will need to use the broom handle in order to get any remaining food from underneath it. Very carefully, put the broom handle into the drain. There will be bolts holding the blades of the flywheel down. Let the broom rest on one of these bolts. Push the broom handle in order to rotate the flywheel. This should loosen up any remaining food that may have been lodged in the drain. Clean the remaining food out of the drain.

Once the food is out, you will need to remove the broom handle and turn the flywheel by hand a few times until it turns without much resistance.

Once this is done, turn the power to the disposal back on by flipping the breaker switch. Lastly, you will need to run some water into the sink and turn the garbage disposal on. It may take a few seconds for it to start spinning. Once the disposal is working properly, leave the water and the disposal running for about ten minutes. If the disposal doesn’t turn on after about ten seconds, you will need to reinsert the broom handle into the drain, and turn the flywheel a few more times. Once this is done, the disposal should be working properly once again.

Garbage disposals can be fairly easy to fix. Now that you know how to fix one without calling a professional, you can get back to cleaning your kitchen a lot faster, and it will be a lot cheaper.

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