Wiring is one of the 7 biggest problems found by a home inspector

The 7 Biggest Problems Found by a Home Inspector

It is important to have a house inspected by a professional home inspector before closing a real estate deal. A professional home inspection can uncover serious issues before you decide on the house. Here are the 7 biggest problems found by a Home Inspector that might make you rethink your purchase.

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1. Foundation Issues

If an issue is found with the foundation of the home it will typically be a very expensive repair. Almost every house will have some “settling”. This happens when, over time, the weight of the house causes it to settle into the ground. If the house settles too much, it could cause structural weakness. Hairline cracks somewhere in the basement are also seen in most structures. This is usually not a cause for alarm, but some cracks could indicate something more serious. One of the common problems found by a Home Inspector, foundation issues may require a foundation engineer to decide if they are dangerous.

2. Mold Problems

Black mold that might show up in a home’s basement or crawl space can cause asthma and many other serious health problems, even death. A common problem found by a Home Inspector, Black Mold can take very expensive remediation efforts to correct. Black mold can indicate a larger, more serious issue with the house. Water might be seeping through cracks in the foundation or there could be a costly issue with the plumbing. If the basement has ever flooded, it could have left behind mold that wasn’t removed.

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3. Water Damage

Beware if there is any standing water in the basement or evidence of water leaks in the house. Water damage is a common problem found by a Home Inspector. A water stain in the basement might actually come from a leak in the roof.

4. Roof Problems

Roof issues can be a costly repair. Look for curling shingles or water damage on ceilings. If a roof has less than three years to perform well, you might want to negotiate this with the seller. Roof damage is one of the biggest problems found by a Home Inspector. Your appraiser should be able to tell you how many years of life are left in your roof. The inspector will need to get on the roof to detect problems that are not always visible from looking up from the yard.

5. Furnace Issues

Replacing a furnace can be very expensive. If the heater goes out in the furnace, it will have to be replaced. Furnace issues are one of the biggest problems found by a Home Inspector. You may need to bring in a separate furnace expert from the gas company to make a judgment on the life left in the system. They can open the box and look into the chamber.

6. Vermin & Pests

Termites can literally eat a house down. Termites come when moisture gets in the wood of your home. Getting them out can be difficult. The termites need to be killed, any wood they destroyed needs to be replaced and then the home needs to be monitored to be sure they don’t come back. Other vermin, like mice, bats, raccoons and other little animals can do a lot of damage if they go undetected. The home inspector will look for signs of these unwanted visitors. They will be able to see if the electrical wiring has been devastated by squirrels. A certified inspection by HomeMD experts can identify the biggest problems found by a Home Inspector.

7. Age of the Electrical System

If a home was built before 1960 and has a “knob and tube” type electrical system, it won’t meet code and will need to be replaced. Old wiring can be a huge fire hazard. If you are buying a historic home, be cautious of the wiring. There may be regulations on structural changes you are allowed to make on historic properties to bring them up to code. You may need a special inspection to determine the type of wiring. This is one of the biggest problems found by a Home Inspector at HomeMD.

Watch for these 7 red flags that can be found in your home inspection. They may indicate that you will want to back out of the sale.

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