Homeowners are looking for peace and quiet, which they are finding in the bathroom.Louisville Kentucky Home Inspector Bathroom

This is now the place where people can go and relax in a hot bath reading a book or in a steam shower, especially if it has been recently remodeled and updated.

To achieve a sanctuary feeling, homeowners are spending money to refresh and update their bathrooms. An upgraded bathroom is always worth the investment, especially when it comes to selling the house, because an updated bathroom will add both monetary and visual value to the home. When updating the bathroom, homeowners must make sure the house still meets all of the standars home inspectors in Louisville KY require.

Homeowners want to remodel their bathrooms according to the latest and greatest trend style. Though a look may be trendy, it must also meet local inspection requirements. Your local home inspectors in Louisville KY will be able to guide you to meet all of the bathroom remodel requirements.

Here is a list of this year’s top five bathroom remodeling trends in 2012:

Large, Airy Showers – Homeowners are tending to put in large showers with multiple shower heads, including those with steam options. Some are even opting to remove the bathtub entirely to be able to put in a larger shower with large sliding glass doors.

Plenty of Storage Room – Homeowners are seeking more and more storage room, especially in their bathrooms. When updating their bathrooms they are installing extra cabinets with dividers. Some homeowners are also installing separate vanities for each person.

Bye, Bye Noise – Since the bathroom is supposed to be a quiet and peaceful place to go, many homeowners are opting to install an oversized soaking tub instead of a Jacuzzi.

Separating the Toilet – Some homeowners are keeping the toilet separate from the rest of the bathroom by installing a half wall blocking the view of the toilet from the bathtub. Others are even putting the toilet in a small room by itself.

The Fun Spot – As a way to not miss out on any of the action, or get bored while soaking in the tub, homeowners are turning their bathroom into a mini den, including flat screen televisions.

For more details and questions about regulations and requirements for updating our bathroom contact your local Home Inspection Company in Louisville KY.